Chiropractic for the sake of your Brain
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The Real Silent Killer
There is a type of stress that affects your health that has nothing to do with your bills or your kids, your marriage or your job. And even though this stress is not related to what is on your mind, it affects the brain and your body in devastating ways! It is a stress that flies under the radar of your awareness as it silently robs your system of the ability to keep you healthy or to fight disease. When there is a decrease in the normal movement signals reaching the sub-cortical regions of the brain, (below the area where conscious thinking occurs), an irritation results and various areas of the brain that control stress become activated. If the misalignment that caused the irritation remains uncorrected for months or years, chronic stress occurs in the entire system! Remember a misalignment sends less sensory signals to the brain, but at the same time it actually increases tissue injury-sensing signals. Those signals cause noxious stimuli into the stress regions of the brain and begin a cascade of irritating stimuli until they cause a chronic release of stress hormones into the blood stream. And chronic stress contributes to many of the diseases that plague modern society. From high blood pressure to increased levels of glucose and raised levels of blood lipids, stress plays a major role and one of the hidden sources of stress is from minor spinal misalignments!

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