Chiropractic for the sake of your Brain
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Movement-Sensory nerves influence the brain
That is why a Chiropractic adjustment is able to have a positive effect on every function of the body; the adjustment restores communication between the body and the brain in both directions! The areas of the brain that are first affected are called the "sub-cortical regions". Awareness and conscious thinking occur in the cortical area of the brain, but the sub-cortical regions regulate your body's many functions even when you are asleep. These regions are dependant on a constant stream of information from movement-sensory nerves to remain active and healthy. If the body is not moving properly or not moving enough (as in joint restriction or lack of exercise) the brain cells of the sub-cortical regions begin to malfunction and some will actually die from lack of movement stimulation. Exercise is even more important for a healthy brain than it is for a healthy heart!

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