Chiropractic for the sake of your Brain
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Misalignments cause subluxations
Here's the typical way that a subluxation of the spine affects the function of the brain:
1) Acute or repetitive injury of a joint causes a strain or sprain of the attached tissues.
2) The sprained ligaments attached to the joint become stretched and weakened.
3) The shape of the tiny mechanoreceptor nerve fibers embedded within the joints and ligaments are altered or "deformed"
4) Joint position nerves signals and joint movement signals to the brain are decreased because of the ligament changes around the "stuck" vertebrae
5) Changes in the shape of the ligaments which have altered the shape of movement-signal nerves also cause aberrant movement of the joints
6) Altered movement of a vertebra alters the movement-signals that are transmitted to the brain
7) Brain function is altered due decreased signals coming from static spinal joints and altered movement-signals coming from those same spinal joints when they are in motion

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