Chiropractic for the sake of your Brain
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Chiropractic for the sake of your brain!
Exercise stimulates the movement-sensory nerves which we now know is the only way that the brain can stay in touch with the body. When you stop moving for any prolonged period of weeks or months, your brain begins to malfunction. Exercise stimulates and informs the brain with movement signals from the joints. Stop or decrease those signals and you reduce normal brain activity. If you keep moving throughout your life and do a few basic things like nourish yourself properly, your brain will be much better able to stay healthy and keep the rest of your body healthy! And one way to keep your body moving properly is to restore normal motion between the joints of the spine where there are more movement-sensing nerves than anywhere else in the body. Keeping your spine in good alignment is not just a good idea for the sake of getting rid of back pain and headaches, it is important for the sake of your brain!

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