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Cumulative wear and tear
It is the nerves that surround the spine that a patient should be the most concerned with, not the pain that "just started". A small uncorrected injury to the vertebral joints can go unnoticed for years and yet cause cumulative wear and tear to the vast network of tiny nerves that surround each joint. It is those same small nerves that the brain uses to stay informed of joint positioning and movement, but they are not the nerves involved in pain signals. Most of the time when a patient visits a Chiropractor's office the most important thing to them is just getting rid of their pain. And most of the time, Chiropractic does help to improve their symptoms or completely eliminate their pain! Commonly pain and symptoms are the last things to show up when minor spinal joint injuries occur, while years of abnormal movement patterns goes unnoticed. Over time this causes cumulative scarring in the ligaments, cartilage and nerves that invest the vertebral joints. Fibrosis or scarring permanently affects everyday function in subtle ways, but may never show up as back pain. In fact when pain finally does occur a patient will often say, "I'm not sure what I did! This just happened." That may be the first time that they are aware that something is wrong with their spine because it was just the first time that they felt it!

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