Chiropractic for the sake of your Brain
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Keeping your brain in charge
Therefore just as regular exercise is important to keep your brain healthy, unrestricted joint movement of the spine is just as critical for the brain to stay active and healthy! This is why Chiropractic is for more than just getting rid of aches and pains. An adjustment oftentimes can make a person feel better right away from headaches, back pain, sciatica, numbness, tingling, neck pain and stiffness and sometimes the relief is instantaneous! We have often seen a patient's symptoms go away in just 1 or 2 visits, but that is only a small part of what Chiropractic can do for them. When misalignments of the spine are properly adjusted it improves communication between the movement-sensory nerves connected to the muscles and ligaments of the spine and the brain. The muscles and ligaments of the spine are richly invested with a wealth of tiny position-sensing nerves. When you decrease the movement of a spinal joint due to a misalignment, you decrease the activity of those small nerves. The result is a small change in brain function.

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